Price Estimates

Below is an estimate of what services through Freelance WebDev would cost you.

These are only estimates and the final price really depend on the individual project.

We guarantee that there will be no hidden costs and all extra costs will be discussed upfront and you will know exactly what you are paying for.

Price Estimates:

Design and Development Costs

Our fee for design and development is R200 per hour.

This means:
Your First page (typically a static Home Page) will cost an estimate of  R1500 (includes configuring color pallets, fonts, pictures, header and footer design).
Additional pages will cost you an estimate of R400 each depending on the design and functionality required.


If you as the client provide the content that you would like to be displayed on the website, then there is no content development or copywrite fee (FREE).

If you would like us to develop the content on the website, there will be an extra R50 and hour fee spent on this.

If you would like us to use our partner copywriting services for professional copywriting, there will be an additional fee of R300 an hour for their services.

Hosting (partner service)

Every website on the internet needs to be hosted on a server. Freelance WebDev does not host websites ourselves, but we work closely with a partner service who can provide this service and is very reliable and helpful.
If you would like to make use of this services via us, we will walk with you from start to finish – from creation to getting your website online and running smoothly.

Freelance WebDev does charge a standard upload and initiation free of R500.

Other fees to consider:
Domain cost: Estimated at R120 annually (depending on the domain you choose)
Monthly hosting fee:  from R49 a month
eCommerce hosting fee: from R219 a month

Extra Services

Extra services take time and effort from our development team and therefore there are extra costs for these:

Account registrations: R200 (e.g. PayFast, PayPal, and other external services)

Paid Pictures/Images: Cost of the images

Extra Plugins

For larger and more complex projects there might be plugins that has a monthly cost to create certain functionality. You would be charged for the plugin’s specific cost.


A R1000 deposit would be required before work is started on a project. This deposit will be subtracted from the final cost of the project.

Deposit can be paid to:

First National Bank – Cheque Account
Account Holder: Stephanus W. Vercueil
Account Number: 63106847859
Branch code: 250655
Reference: Client Name/Business Name

One Page Special

Our “One Page Special” is aimed at helping staring small starting businesses or low income business and individuals, who need an online presence to promote themselves. This page will follow a standard outline, but has place for business information, images and a contact form.

The cost of “One Page Special”:

Deposit: R500
Design and Development: R500
Hosting: R50 monthly
Domain: R140 yearly (estimate depending on domain name)

Freelance WebDev is a start-up and therefore you will see that our prices are very competitive compared to what you will find out there with other Web Designers and Developers.

Every project is unique and will be invoiced based on the project's unique specifications and functionalities.